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Neutral Current Reducer

Neutral Current Reducer
Neutral Current Reducer
Product Code : 0591
Product Description

• 40-750 Amps
• K-Factor Rating: K20
• 150oC Temperature Rise
• Class R 220oC Insulation
• Noise Level: As Per NEMA Std.20
• Input: 3-Phase, 4-Wire Plus Ground
• Applied Voltage: 208 / 120V, 60 Hz

• Drip-Proof NEMA 1
• Removable Front & Rear Panel

Copper Wound Construction,
Natural Convection Cooling,
Operating Efficiency: 98% Typical,
Common Mode Noise Protection,
Transverse Mode Noise Protection,
UL Listed, CSA Certified

Operating conditions
• 60 Hz Operating Range: 57-63 Hz
• 50 Hz Operating Range: 47-53 Hz
• Operating Temperature: Ambient 0oC to 40oC,
• Storage Temperature: Ambient -10oC +40oC
• Relative Operating Humidity: 90% Non-Condensing.

Need for Harmonic Filtering
Need for Isolation & Need for eliminating high neutral currents
Need for reducing N-E voltages, EMI/RF Presence of large no. of non-linear equipment particularly    single phase
Major Harmonic Orders Prevalent are the Triplen Harmonics
 Designed for fixed compensation of low and medium powered Electrical Equipment
The Electrical System has High harmonics and the harmonics orders are 3/5/7/11/13
The electrical system has high amount of imbalance between phases/neutral with core unbalance  currents higher than normal
Presence of Non Sensitive but harmonic generating Loads
Application Examples - LOAD DBs in BPO, Software, Data Center, IT Park, Papers